EU Disability Law and the UNCRPD





Welcome to this ERA seminar:
Disability and Non-Discrimination in the European Union.

Foto: EU Law on Equality between Women and Men.

    The live stream starts on 6 May 2019 at 9:00

    You can download the conference programm as PDF File here

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    This seminar is organised as part of a series of seminars devoted to EU Disability Law and the UNCRPD, in the framework of the REC Programme, on behalf of and in cooperation with the European Commission and with the support of EFC Disability Thematic Network and the European Disability Forum (EDF). This training has been tailored to meet the needs of national civil servants and staff of NGOs, DPOs and equality bodies working on policy issues related to disability, giving them an in-depth and concrete insight into several policy aspects related to disability non-discrimination. It is also available in an accessible live-stream with simultaneous International Sign language interpretation as well as text captioning. Participants in the live-stream can get involved using the chat box on the stream page or via twitter, by using the hastag #erauncrpd. So if you have any questions for our experts, feel free to get involved and they will be put to them as the schedule permits.


Important note
Please note that comments in the live stream will be moderated and that advertising or offensive comments will not be permitted and can result in users' access being restricted.
Thanks for your understanding.


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